Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Rating System (subject to change)

Overall: out of FIVE hearts(YYYYY). An arrow (4) indicates that it has the potential for being a full heart higher, but isn't quite there.

[all below are out of FIVE checks (aaaaa)] [alphabetical order!]
Action: Obvious. How many fighting/chasing/action there is
Comedy: This is my favorite part of any book. It must make me laugh out loud!
Drama: Intense moments - think of a soap-opera or, you know, a high school clique and you've got it.
Romance: Can be anything swoon-worthy, or just a really awesome fictional love-interest.
Suspense/Mystery: If it keeps me needing to read the next page just so I can figure out WHAT is going to happen... or if it simply keeps me guessing
Tragedy/Tear-worthy: If a book makes me cry, I love it even more - that means it had to have been good.
[I've discovered that Firefox dislikes symbols... Sorry about that!!!]

Summary: A short-ish overview of the plot and characters. As spoiler-free-ish as I can make it!

Opinion: An explanation of what I really thought that couldn't be automatically seen from the ratings

For School? I'm a teacher! (or I'm trying to be one, once I get a job) When I read I book I like to think about how it would be studied in a classroom - writing style & techniques, character development, themes, etc. all count in this. It doesn't necessarily affect my opinion!


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