Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, & Lauren DeStefano CONTEST!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I had several goodies from the Clare-Black-DeStefano signing... I don't need all this stuff for myself... so you're all in luck :D I have:

THREE promotional posters for the Books of Wonder event, SIGNED by all three of the authors!

Postcards [an unopened pack] between Magnus and Alec on their world travels (mentioned in City of Fallen Angels) and the others in NYC... oddly about a Malec wedding... [These are HILARIOUS!]

TWO sets of Curse Workers postcards with slogans - if you've read Red Glove then you'll find these familiar!

A double-preview with chapters from Holly's Black Heart and Cassie's Clockwork Prince!

A preview from Book Two of The Chemical Garden Trilogy, SIGNED by Lauren DeStefano!

For those keeping track, that is EIGHT items to be given away! Want to win one of them? Here's what you need to do!

TO ENTER: (only available to people in the USA)
+Follow my book review blog: The Pages of Brooks
+Comment on this entry [yes, I will be making sure you are a follower!] with the book you are most excited to read from these authors!
+LEAVE YOUR EMAIL in the comment so I can contact the winners!
+Spread the word about this contest give-away. You can easily copy: :and paste it wherever you wish

Winners will be chosen RANDOMLY on June 1st!


  1. Oh, wow! I'm super excited for all of these books! I just can't pick one! :( But Clockwork Prince and the next book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DeStefano sounds amazing! :)
    My e-mail is
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  2. Oooh,a new contest? Who-hoo! That's great! I've only read the Clockwork Angel so far, but the rest are on my never-ending to-read list. They sound awesome! I can't wait for Clockwork Prince though, I love the way Cassie wrote in the Victorian era. It's way interesting. And I love Will and Jem, and their epic bromance.

    Good Luck to everyone, and DFTBA :)

  3. Alrighty, well it doesn't look like my orignal comment went through... fun...

    But anyways, I absolutely love Cassie Clare and Holly Black, and love how they cameo each other's characters (Stoner Jace in Curse Workers was hilarious XD). I haven't read Chemical Garden yet, but it's definetly on my list!

    Well, thank you for the epic contest, hope I win something >.< and good luck other peoples =P

  4. Im soooo excited for City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare!!!! And super excitged for Holly Blacks next Curse Worker book!! Cant wait!

  5. I recently lost my books in the move and would love them back. Especially signed!!
    Followed with my twitter account.

  6. Whoa, AMAZING giveaway! Thank you so much!!!! :D
    I'm excited for all of these books <3 I've already read Red Glove and City of Fallen Angels, and they're both absolutely fantastic. Wither is definitely on my to-read list, as is the next Curse Workers book... But the one I'm most excited about is Clockwork Prince (;

    I spread the word about this giveaway on Twitter ^_^ my username is OneOfAKind308.

    Thanks again! I REALLY hope I win :D

    My email is

    ~Susan* :]

  7. Yay giveaways!

  8. awesome give away!! i love love love the curse workers cant wait for more cassel
    & of course TMI JACE yummy! :)

    I spread the word on twitter!/mel_91284 & mentioned you.


  9. @Ashley

    I was just taking another look and I realized my email wasn't there... so, yea my email is

    (Tweeted the link btw =])

  10. @hugatree9848
    Right, I need to add an email (or rather my email:P): I probably shouldn't have changed my user name. But it's the same person, I doublepinkypromise.

    THANKS Ashley for reminding me :D